Covide-19 Information
Center Chapel Church of Christ Members
We Care for You
• The Coronavirus is now here in America and even here in Nashville, TN. We have all heard of multiple closures, cancelled athletic events, and hospital restrictions for visitors. Given these events, as followers of Jesus, we want to navigate this outbreak of the Coronavirus in a way that is both faithful and wise.
• Your leaders are actively working to increase the safety of everyone at Center Chapel against any threat of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). This week Governor Bill Lee announced the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Tennessee in Williamson County. There have now been several more outbreaks and the total continue to climb.
• We are listening to our medical professionals and are paying close attention to the recommended guidelines from the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the Tennessee Department of Health, and the Metro Public Department of Health Department in a sincere effort to move between two opposite reactions: Panic that feeds fear or denial that minimizes something very serious. Your shepherds want to be faithful and responsible leaders who care for the members of this church and do some things in this church in the short run that will protect our members.
• We recognize that fear and anxiety are prevalent. Thanks be to God that we were not given a spirit of fear, but of love, and self-discipline. We want to be both agents of peace and shepherds of God’s people.
What we are doing
• Deep Cleaning: We will be even more attentive to deep cleaning after gatherings in the building.
• When you enter: Our Welcome team will hold open the doors for you to minimize your need for touching the door handles. As it is available, we will try to provide hand sanitizer. We ask you also be mindful of washing your hands often after entering as necessary.
• We are encouraging you to cough or sneeze by covering your mouth with the crook of your arm.
• Greeting one another in love: This may be time for waving and smiling rather than handshakes and hugs. Feel free to be creative in finding ways to make people feel welcome as guests without making physical contact.
• We are looking forward to worshiping with those of you who feel healthy and can join us for worship at 10am. We desire your presence and want you to understand that our being together even under these conditions is important.
• We are encouraging people not to sit as close together as they would on a normal Sunday, allow extra space between you and other people who are not your family.
• Regarding communion: We will be distributing individual communion kits as you come to service. Our communion service will be at the end of worship. When you are dismissed, you may throw your empty kit away.
• Regarding collection: you may leave your contribution in the collection plate at the door as you exit the auditorium.
Concerning other planned activities:
• Sunday School classes, Sunday evening Service, and Wednesday Evening classes are cancelled until further notice.
• The Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible class has been cancelled until further notice.
• The Fifth Sunday meal will be cancelled
• The Easter Egg hunt will be cancelled
What you can do:
• IF YOU ARE SICK, PLEASE STAY AT HOME. This might sound simple, but it is one of the most effective things we can all do. If you find yourself unable to attend, our services are always streamed live or you can also access the audio file on the website after the worship time is over. You can go to:
• Don’t panic (Mt 6:25-34)- Viruses come and go, so will this one. While we may be inconvenienced for a period of time because of possible exposure, eventually this virus will pass. We do not want fear and anxiety to control our lives, but we are also willing to sacrifice some things that we desire for the good of others. Remember, Jesus teaches us not to worry but to seek Him first and He will care for us.
• Pray for the sick (James 5:15) We are concerned about those that are ill whether they are members of this church or our neighbors. So, we want to pray for God to heal those that are sick and for further protection against the spread of this virus. We believe that the Lord is the ultimate healer, and we will be faithful in prayer.
• Be wise in interactions (Col. 4:5) The CDC is recommending that if you have fever or cough to stay at home and to call your primary care physician to evaluate your symptoms. These are good instructions to follow. Washing hands, covering coughs, and disinfecting, are all good practices as well. We should do our best to follow this advice.
• Choose hope, over fear (Rom. 15:13) When moments like this happen it is time for the church to shine. The world may fear and want to stop everything. As faithful disciples, we keep serving, loving, and worshipping because of our hope in Jesus Christ.
• Be a good neighbor. If you live beside or are in close contact with families who have high-risk individuals in their homes, reach out to see if they need anything. Offer to pick up supplies on your next trip to the store, or dropping off some food and they are unable to get out. Simply look for ways that you can be salt and light in the coming weeks, and commit to praying for our leaders and community.
• As we deal with this epidemic, we will try to stay in communication about events happening at the church. But above all, let’s pray to the Lord to use this viral outbreak as a chance for us to be a healing presence in the heart of the city. May God protect us, heal us, and use us for His glory as we deal with this virus.
Ongoing Communication
• We will be staying in touch with our members during the next few weeks as conditions change.
• We will be monitoring whether special events/activities should go on or be postponed.
• We ask that you pray for Center Chapel as a Church, for our city and our country, and for people around the world who are suffering.
• We also ask that your pray and continue to consider ways of helping victims of the recent tornados in the middle Tennessee area.

Please, if you Know Someone Who Does Not Use Email or Internet, Please Call Them and Let Them Know What We Are Planning to Do at Center Chapel at This Time.

Thank you,
The Elders