Sometimes It Would Be Good If……


The basis of what comes below is a combined foundation of being raised in a minister’s family and being a minister now.  When your father travels many states and even to other nations to preach, teach, and train other ministers and you get to go, you learn things just by being there.  When you work for a world-wide evangelistic outreach that stays in constant contact with churches all over this nation but also in nations abroad, you learn things.  When you meet twice a month for over 20 years with fifty or so ministers, you learn things.  All of this combines to make me think to write such an article as I do this week.  Let’s call it, “Sometimes it would be good if……..”

  • Sometimes it would be good if I went to a place that has no idea of God’s existence or that He cares. It would make me less trivial in my own faith and congregation.
  • Sometimes it would be good if I could worship with those that walk for miles and miles in the heat of the day just to be able to do so, and care not about getting to Cracker Barrel, because there isn’t one of those……or anything else anywhere near that part of the world.
  • Sometimes it would be good if I could have regular interaction with people in prison because they said they believed in Christ. I might not so quickly fear my possible “consequences” of having a conversation with someone outside of the kingdom.
  • Sometimes it would be good if I had never enjoyed “room temperature” worship, or if I could watch people pour out their hearts and focus their minds for long periods in heat, rain, and cold.
  • Sometimes it would be good if I could visit a place and church that had gone through a terrible split, and listen to them plead with newcomers to believe that it is not worth it.
  • Sometimes it would be good if I could remember that some churches have to deal with serious marriage issues throughout, scandals in leadership, adulteries by ministers, fornication in their youth, continuous infighting, and things even unmentionable but true.
  • Sometimes it would be good for me to remember what it might be like to not understand much of what is being discussed in a class or sermon, because this whole scripture thing is totally new and I need some time to learn.
  • Sometimes it would be good for me to hear of the overwhelming and heart-warming stories of forgiveness between brothers and sisters that had to and did take place in some congregations, and the good and growth that came from showing the community how the church is different.

You know….sometimes I don’t know my own needs, or fear looking at those things because it might tell on me.  Wow….have I been blessed, or even spoiled in my church life and culture.

I hope you have a great spiritual week.  It’s available.  Choose.

Andy Connelly     

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