Community.  It’s not just a physical place on a map.  It’s not determined merely by mileage boundaries. Community brings to mind a different and broader idea.  That idea is that community means a place of sharing.  A place of understanding, and a place of identification.  It brings to mind a place of common hopes and intentions.  Friends, the Bible talked of that community long before any political candidate  needed to speak of this to get votes.  The Bible speaks of that place in a two word phrase it calls “the Church.”

This is true community.  It is true because of its authors, the Father in His wisdom and desire to save, and the Son because of willingness to sacrifice for it.  Only that which is authored by these two is completely and only true, all the time.  This is our need.  This is our hope.  The Center Chapel Church of Christ welcomes you today, and thanks you today.  We welcome those who visit, whether occasionally or for the first time.  We thank you as well, for giving us the opportunity to know you better.  Now, we ask but one thing, that you would please consider the thoughts below.

The Lord never intended you to try to live out your faith alone.  Scripture knows nothing of having Jesus without being a part of what he calls His kingdom, His church.  Those who have put on Christ have been added to the church.  In His love and wisdom, He placed us in that community for our good.  We need this.  We cannot grow completely without it.  Finally, our God deserves it.  I invite you to be a part of an imperfectly great body of believers that together will study, share, and surround.  Will you come with us on our journey to THE Son?  If we can help you, please let us know.

Andy Connelly

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