At times we don’t think very far ahead.  We live in the moment, which is even praised and suggested as peaceful to the American public.  Don’t get me wrong, just as the Bible teaches us to “number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom”, that same word of wise advice also reminds that we don’t know what tomorrow holds, so that today should certainly matter and bring a special focus.  That said, as far too many people aren’t thinking ahead, it probably means they are not usually thinking this…..that some fears today will bring greater fears tomorrow.  Here is what I mean…..

A parent that is so overly worried today about a child’s popularity can unintentionally breed a lack of concern for who ones friends are morally and spiritually speaking.  Over time, because of that fear of what doesn’t truly matter, a child may have bred a new fear into his Christian parents because of the poor influence those friends had with their child over time.  Here’s another one, a parent may forget that it is God who supplies and place unnecessary importance on just how that child is going to go to college, placing academic or athletic pursuit in front of spiritual commitment.  Over time, a habit builds and as that child gets on his or her own, the church is not as important in their mind because of an unnecessary fear that God cannot provide for their future.  Many parents are today regretting pushing the temporary and wondering why their child is not committed as an adult.  How about one more?  All too often, fears of otherwise having to be single for a while, or forever, instead of married and bearing children, can unintentionally lead to encouragements and acceptances of dating in dangerous compromise of a more important union…..the one with Christ and its pursuits.  It is far too often we see this, where a compromise in that fear leads to a compromise in faith later…..and family and friends begin to worry.

Friends….we should all remember that the fears that God says He can handle should never lead us to a compromise about which He has warned.  Popularity, college dreams, hopes of love, and job securities can absolutely become Satan’s playground and affect our thinking.  It can also affect eternities.  Is God truly who we claim Him to be?  If so, can’t He handle these things?  Look ahead!  Avoid later fears that are much more gripping and lasting.  Trust God.

Andy Connelly                

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